‘We want to see the results’ – Sky Sports coverage

Sky Sports’ coverage of the European Championships will not be affected by the decision by the ECB to ban Sky Sports from covering the tournament.

The decision is a significant blow to Sky Sports and its relationship with the ECB, who had previously agreed to a new deal with Sky following a dispute with the broadcaster over its coverage of Euro 2016.

In July 2016, Sky Sports paid the ECB £300,000 for exclusive rights to televise the Euro 2016 finals, which were scheduled to take place at the iconic Bernabeu stadium in Sao Paulo.

The ECB has since been criticised for failing to deliver on its promise to the broadcaster that the games would be televised.

A Sky Sports spokesman said: “The ECB is trying to control the broadcasting rights for Euro 2016 and it is simply impossible to have Sky Sports in the same bracket as other broadcasters.”

He added: “We want Sky Sports to be in the tournament and to continue to broadcast the matches in the best possible conditions and we are confident that the ECB will agree to this new agreement.”

However, Sky will continue to air live coverage of every game at its home base of London, as it did for the first three days of the competition.