How to setup a CCCAM server to save you money on your network security setup

How to Setup a CNCAM Server to Save You Money on Your Network Security Setup 1.

Register for a Cccam Server account (credit card) 2.

Login to your Cccams server account 3.

Enter your password 4.

Enter the server IP address and port to connect to your network 5.

Enter “CCCAM_SERVER_IP_PORT” as the IP address to connect via SSH 6.

Enter a username and password for the account 7.

Click on “Login” to create a CCLAM Server account.


Click the “Connect to CCCams server” button to connect the CCCam server to the network.


After connecting to the Cccama server, go back to your browser and refresh the page.


Go to the home page of your CCCamp server.


Click “Create CCCOM” to sign in to your server.


You should now see your CCLams server page.


Click in the “Security Policy” box and set it to “Network” and click “Check for Updates” to download the latest security update for your Ccmam server.


Once you’re done, go to your desktop and close out of your browser.


Go back to the Home page of the CCLam server and click on “Edit” to update the server.


You will need to update your security policy to allow the Cclams server access to the internet.


Click through to the “Download” button and click the “Save” button.


Now you should see your new CCLamas server page on your desktop.


Close out of the browser.