How to fix Y2K on your Windows Server 2016 (via cccamp)

Posted by cccampsource on August 30, 2018 04:14:49 The American conservative’s latest round-up of fixes to fix the new Y2k version of the Internet Explorer browser on Windows Server.

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Add a new Windows 10 Update tab to your Start menu 2.

Open the Control Panel app from the Start menu and click the Advanced tab 3.

Click the Security tab and click Add a Security Rule 4.

In the Add a Rule dialog box, select the “Microsoft Y2B” rule to add to the Windows 10 update tab.


Click OK 6.

Click Start, click Run, type cccAM, and then click OK.


Restart your computer, or restart your Windows 10 PC, to apply the new rule.


The Windows 10 updater should restart the browser on your new version of IE 10.


If the new Windows update for IE 10 fails, restart the computer and try again.


If IE 10 still does not work after restarting your computer and running the new update, check to see if the update contains a workaround for your problem.