How to buy and resell your own Cisco CCCAM server: What you need to know

The CCCam reseller is a vendor-specific server that can be configured to connect to Cisco CCMP.

To get started, download the CCCams-rpc.bin file, copy it to the /srv/cccam directory on your local machine, and then start the service: $ cd /srve/ccpam-rfc/ $ cd ccpam $ rpcbind cccams-server $ rpi start This will start the ccpams-client.bin and start a server on port 7090 on your machine.

The CCDs server will accept requests from both Cisco CCM and Cisco CCSV.

This should work with a local Cisco CCVDS or CCCVM.

To configure the CCD server, open the configuration file in the router.cfg file.

You can then add your servers IP address to the firewall rule and use the ip address as the username and password.

Open the CAComServer.ini file and add the following: [rpcbind] server = cccamm_server ipaddress = [rpi] server.enable_rpc = yes [rpisettings] default_route = 9090 [rpsettings] cacom_server_route_map = 172-19-0-5 default_ip_address = 192.168.0/24 default_port = 8090 default_rps_port_map_prefix = 192 .168.1.0 [rspisettings].

cccom_user = user username password [rphist] cccumestatus_enable = yes