How to connect Amazon Alexa to the Tez CCCAM Server

tezcccam,amazonas,ccam-server,cc-server source Time Title How to setup Amazon Alexa on the Tezos server article tezos,amazon,cc,amazon-server-amzn1,cccam-client source Time source Ars Technica title Amazon Alexa Voice Service – Amazon’s voice-enabled device for home automation article Amazon Alexa voice service, Amazon’s home automation voice service that lets you control devices and things with your voice, has a lot going for it.

But one big drawback is that Alexa has some issues with security and reliability.

In the meantime, you can also control the devices via Alexa’s own app for iOS and Android.

The Amazon Alexa app is currently in beta, so you may have trouble connecting to it from an older version.

If you need help with the app, check out our tutorial for more details.

If it’s still working for you, you’ll also need a PC running Amazon’s Alexa software.

If that’s not enough for you—or if you want to get started with your own Amazon Alexa project—we recommend the free Tezos-powered Tezos Core SDK.

Amazon is giving away $20,000 to the first 50 people who download the free SDK.